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Welcome To My Website
I'm Bob McLeod and I've been collecting space material over 35 years. When I decided to create a Website I saw no need to create one like so many others that mainly display astronaut autographed portraits and crew signed lithos. Instead, you'll find here a Website that presents mostly unusual, varied and some unique astronaut autographed material.

What is presented here represents special highlights from my many years of collecting, but my main interests are much the same as others, such as autographs of the astronauts who have flown in space, the NASA Astronauts, the space voyagers from all nations and crew signed material.

This Website is devoted almost entirely to the US space program, as that is my primary interest. But the result is that I have little material here relating to the historic and interesting Soviet/Russian space program.

Much of what you see here was obtained by requests I sent through the mail to the various astronauts and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their time and assistance with my collection all these years. Most "through the mail" autographed material shown here will be indicated with a "TTM" and usually a date.

I hope that those who take time to visit here will find some material of interest and see some items they haven't seen before. Please note that nothing here is for sale or trade and is stored in a safe deposit box at my bank.
Apollo 11 crew
A photo of a full moon taken during an Apollo lunar mission serves as an appropriate frame for a magazine clipping of the Apollo 11 crew. Sent thru the mail in the mid-1970's, Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin nicely signed it under their images to create an unusual Apollo 11 crew signed item.

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America's three most famous astronauts
This Congressional Space Medal of Honor program served as an appropriate item to have signed by Alan Shepard, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. These three astronauts (the first American in space, the first American to orbit the Earth and the first person to walk on the moon) would probably be considered the most famous & historic of America's astronauts. TTM 1985.