Complete Multi-Signed items
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Presented here are a number of complete multi-signed items. Sending material back-and-forth thru the mail (TTM) for additional autographs is risky and many of the items shown here are the lucky ones who survived several separate mailings until completed.

Holiday Inn of Cocoa Beach stationary sheet signed by the 7 Mercury Astronauts. The H.I. of Cocoa Beach was home base to the Mercury Astronauts for much of the Mercury Program and this was probably signed by them there in the early 1960's.

Smithsonian Institution's Apollo 11 5th anniversary program and autographed by the Apollo 11 crew. TTM 1978.

Top: NASA 20th Anniversary cover autographed by the first five NASA Administrators - TTM 1979. Bottom: Apollo 11 anniversary cover autographed by the five Apollo 11 Flight Directors - TTM 1979.

Cover marking Skylab's last day in orbit and autographed by the nine Skylab astronauts - TTM 1980.

NASA lithograph picturing each of the 35 Group 8 NASA Astronauts and autographed by each. TTM 1981.

NASA/JSC stationary sheet autographed by all 35 Group 8 NASA Space Shuttle Astronauts. Every astronaut from Group 8 flew at least one Space Shuttle mission and four of them perished on 51-L. TTM 1978.

Cover marking the arrival of the second group of Space Shuttle Astronauts (Group 9) and autographed by the 6 minority astronauts of NASA Groups 8 and 9. TTM 1980.

Cover marking the arrival at JSC of the 35 Group 8 NASA Astronauts and autographed by the first 6 American women astronauts from that Group. TTM 1978.

Cover for the last flight of the X-24B Lifting Body aircraft and autographed by the six X-24B pilots. TTM 1976.

Cover for the first Space Shuttle flight and autographed by the crews of the first five Space Shuttle flights (STS-1 thru STS-5) and including the four Enterprise ALT pilots. TTM in the late '70's and early '80's.

Cover canceled at KSC for STS-51L and autographed by all ten finalists in NASA's Teacher-in-Space Program. TTM 1985.

Glossy photograph of the Russian space station Mir and autographed by all seven American long-duration Resident Mir Astronauts. Mostly TTM, with final autograph obtained in 2004.